Maxine Forrest
Manager, Scale Lab
Pacific Salmon Commission

We worked with Matthew Batchelor of Alces Imaging to rebuild our salmon scale reading application when we upgraded from Image Pro Plus to Image Pro Premier. Matthew’s wealth of knowledge in all things imaging is amazing. Right from the start he understood what we wanted and he found a way to do it and improve it. He is meticulous and the final product is brilliant. Matthew is easy to work with and we hope to work with him again in the future. I would recommend Matthew and Alces Imaging anytime.

Dr. Alexandra Hovaguimian
Clinical Fellow in Neurology
Department of Neurology
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Matthew Batchelor and ALCES have worked on several projects with our group at BIDMC. His knowledge and expertise in Image Pro have both innovated and expedited our image analysis. He worked tirelessly to make sure that the programs we developed optimized our research goals and ran effectively. He is highly efficient and a pleasure to work with.

Kenneth J. Curry
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
The University of Southern Mississippi

My colleagues and I had a basic research grant to study the nano-structure of fine-grain marine sediment (clay).  We had proposed to create three-dimensional representations of clay fabric from serial sets of transmission electron micrographs from which we could study various qualitative and quantitative aspects of clay fabric structure.  We chose Image Pro Plus as a software package for rendering the three-dimensional reconstructions.  Matthew Batchelor was very helpful in the early stages of training for this sophisticated software.  Our application of this software was novel, so the training we received
from Mr. Batchelor was highly customized.  We were impressed with Mr. Batchelor’s ability to see how the software could be used for the specialized reconstructions and measurements we were attempting.  Mr. Batchelor’s access to software engineers working for Media Cybernetics (Image Pro Plus) was invaluable.  As the research progressed, we realized that we needed specialized macros to extend the capabilities of Image Pro Plus for the quantification of aspects of clay fabric. Mr. Batchelor seems to delight in such interesting puzzles as we presented and wrote programs that accomplished exactly what we needed, thus allowing measurements that were not inherent in Image Pro Plus and leading to a successful completion of our project.  We heartily recommend Matthew Batchelor for collaboration in scientific and technological endeavors requiring image analysis expertise.

Mark Granja
Method Development
The Sun Products Corporation

Image Analysis for the consumer goods category is a critical component to many product performance test methods. Matthew Bachelor and ALCES has been a vital partner on numerous projects. Matthew has the in-depth knowledge, expertise, and image analysis breadth to successfully design and implement a variety of techniques to accomplish your project’s goal. His understanding of lighting and image quality is a huge project benefit. Matthew also does a tremendous job making complicated analysis easy to understand. I would highly recommend ALCES to anyone looking to leverage custom integration of Image Pro Plus.